IGCSE is an abbreviation for International General Certificate of Secondary Education. It is recognised by schools, universities, and employers as equivalent to the UK GCSE. You can find out more at the following websites:  www.cie.org.uk or www.edexcel.com
We will be open for admissions starting December 1ST

To schedule an online assessment and interview, kindly follow the below steps:
1. Contact the school’s admission office for any inquiries prior to the assessment.
2. Click on the following link to fill the online application

3. Deposit 500 LE assessment fees in the school’s bank account (Bank details below).
4. After receiving the application and the payment, the school will email you with the assessment date and interview date (with parents and student).
5. School will contact you to inform you of the assessment results.

*If the student is accepted, parents should deposit the first installment within seven days after receiving the results.

Bank details:

• Our bank account number is ( 109051317002)
• swift code is ( ALEXEGCX)
• iban number is EG190005100900000109051317002

At this time we only cater to high school students from year 10 to year 12 in the British division.
Yes. Parents will be expected to meet with the school administration during the admission process.
Yes. In accordance with the Egyptian Ministry of Education requirements, students will be required to study the Arabic Language, Social Studies and Religion.
Yes. However the student has to pass the required assessment test.
Kindly contact our office to set up an appointment for the student assessment and the parents’ interview.
No. Exam fees are different for each subject and they are established by the British Council. Fees are payable in British Sterling (£) or its equivalent in Egyptian Pounds (L.E).
No. Book fees are determined by the number of subjects the student enrolls in and will be calculated accordingly.
Yes. Kindly contact the school for more information about available locations.
Yes. Students will be required to come to school daily in the official school uniform.

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