About Our School

  • With over 70 years of distinguished educational history and delivering outstanding individuals serving the Egyptian society, it is only natural that we aspire to expand our services to include international education. Giving our long standing history of graduating top achievers, SFIS-Hegaz will undoubtedly retain the same level of educational excellence.

  • Location proximity is one of the many advantages of those fortunate enough to be enrolled in SFIS-Hegaz, especially the residents of Heliopolis and surrounding areas. No more long bus rides to reach other schools located on the outskirts of Cairo in order to receive a recognized international education.

  • Our classrooms and labs are supported with up-to-date technology to offer our students the best learning experience.
  • Students will have an array of extra-curricular activities to choose from to enhance the learning experience and prepare them for future success.


  • Provide high quality international educational excellence for all students through the use of qualified teachers and under the supervision of our distinguished school administration staff.
  • Develop a student’s academic, technological, physical, independent problem solving, and ethical skills within the framework of an IGCSE educational environment.
  • Foster the potential of our students that are eager to learn and capable of thinking logically and creatively, by providing an educational atmosphere that promotes both independent thought and collaborative opportunities.
  • Incorporate modern teaching methodologies that increase the quality and efficacy of student education.
  • Develop an innate sense of national identity and belonging among the student body.


To provide a unique learning environment that provides a focused and refined International Education.